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Octubre 8, 2014

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Power to the Operator


As the progression toward all IP continues, pay-tv operators are able to leverage the “software empowered video operator model” to gain a unique advantage in their abilities to respond to new standards and meet changing dynamics. In the latest issue of CSI Magazine, I laid out the five core revenue security considerations to help operators create significant differentiation from their competitors and achieve market longevity.  These include:


  1. Revenue Security as the Common Thread – Security has become one of the fundamental decisions when designing next generation delivery systems, extending beyond basic defensive necessities and becoming a business model enabler for enhanced quality of experience.
  2. The Importance of a Partner Ecosystem – Rather than independently providing all components of an infrastructure, operators   are able to gain greater benefits when they strategically align with progressive video technology providers to provide a wider range of benefits.
  3. Optimizing Revenue Security – Legacy smartcard-based CA systems are becoming obsolete, opening up new opportunities for more comprehensive revenue security strategies that include enhanced approaches to right revocation and client renewability.
  4. The Power of Virtualization – By taking a cloud-based approach, operators no longer need delivery systems components to all be deployed in physical head end data centers, resulting in shorter deployment times and creating a more scalable system.
  5. Leveraging the Ecosystem for an Expanded Value Proposition – Operators like the Sweden-based Com Hem are creating a more compelling value proposition for their subscribers while increasing security and operational securities by adopting a broader use of software-centric infrastructures and all related components.

Read the full “Power to the Operator” article in latest issue of CSI Magazine. I explore each of the above considerations in greater depth in order to help operators propel beyond the current limitations of their physical resources and become the pay-TV operator of tomorrow.

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