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Agosto 4, 2014

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It Takes a Progressive Ecosystem to Enable Tomorrow’s Pay-TV Operator

We were very pleased by the response and feedback we received from our original executive e-book, Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator. It became obvious to us that people wanted to learn more about the transition to software-centric and IP-based technologies, which are becoming the building blocks for next-generation video delivery systems. 

To help paint a more comprehensive picture on the overall workflow of the software-empowered video operator model, we collaborated with some of our leading partners to provide their perspectives in a follow up e-book. Executives from Elemental Technologies, Akamai, TiVo, VisualOn and Genius Digital each contributed a chapter that amplifies how their solutions fit into a software-defined infrastructure and how they ease integration for service providers. 

From our experience working with our customer base, we feel strongly that no single company can – or should – provide all the components of the pay-TV services infrastructure. The technology and competitive environments are simply moving too rapidly. A progressive partner ecosystem with proven solutions enables operators to more efficiently integrate new and specialized functional blocks, allowing the infrastructure to evolve as needed without the high switching costs of vendor migration. 

Based on our role as a revenue security provider, which touches all these integration points, we feel we have a unique perspective to expand on the concepts presented of the software-empowered video operator through our partners’ eyes. 

In this second installment of the executive e-book series, “Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future,”  read and learn more about the benefits of:

  • Developing the Tapestry of Tomorrow's Pay-TV Operator
  • Addressing Market Transformation with Software-Defined Video
  • Securing Cloud-based Media Workflows
  • The Shift from Network-Specific to Software-Empowered Video Services
  • The Multimedia Client: The Touch Point of Content Consumption
  • Empowering the Connected Operator

You can download and share this e-book at We look forward to continuing this conversation as the transition to software and IP-based video services evolves. Please leave a comment to join in the discussion. #swempowered