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Junio 17, 2013

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Why Asian Broadcasters and Free-to-Air Operators Should Always Consider Content Security


This week at CommunicAsia 2013, we will be sharing more details of our recently announced initiative to help make comprehensive pay-TV security integrity and flexibility more accessible to the public broadcaster and Free-to-Air (FTA) communities. 

These initiatives are especially compelling for pay-TV terrestrial and cable operators that are involved in transitions from analog to digital broadcasting – as many in Asia are at the present time. The analog-to-digital transition for terrestrial broadcast networks is raising expectations of high quality broadcast TV services in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats with a potential expansion into hybrid broadcast broadband service in the future. 

While many such networks are intended for free services to the public at large under licensing or other governmental regulatory frameworks, all those involved are keenly aware of the issues regarding completely unprotected  content distribution. One concern is the increase in potential for piracy (especially unauthorized redistribution and other misuse of content). Another challenge preventing cross-border content spillover and related licensing complications. 

Since DVB terrestrial networks are often nationwide broadcast platforms for common use by multiple content providers or service operators, it stands to reason that adding mechanisms for content security - i.e. deploying some type of receiver device authentication and content scrambling from the very outset of deployment - would be advantageous. Such a step would also future-proof the networks for mixed use of Free-to-View (FTV) and pay-TV services without the need for complex rebuilds later. This is also true for the consumer receivers, which if equipped with the right technology already when manufactured can be used for a flexible mix of FTV and pay-TV services as desired. 

Our initiatives toward these broadcaster communities fit into our key theme of helping TV operators prepare for a multi-network future. In fact, we are hosting our first-ever Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at CommunicAsia on June 19 from 8-10 am. Plus, we are showcasing a full range of our advanced multi-network security solutions on the show floor at booth #1M2-07. 

Interesting in learning more?  Drop us a comment if you would like to schedule a meeting at CommunicAsia or sign up to attend our complimentary breakfast Forum here:

You can also download our solution brief “Applications of Content Security to Terrestrial Broadcast Services” here: