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Octubre 17, 2012

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Multi-network Summit at Oktoberfest: Bigger and Better than Ever


This month marked our second annual EMEA Summit that we host for customers and partners – and serendipitously time with Oktoberfest in Munich. This year, we leveraged our popular Multi-network Solutions in the Real World forum format and featured speakers and panels that highlighted the issues digital TV operators are faced with when rolling out advanced multi-network, multi-screen services.

Our 2-day agenda featured a wide variety of perspectives from a content owner, a progressive multi-screen operator, a well-known industry consultant and two ecosystem partners.

  • Andy Lucas of Universal Pictures discussed the balancing act between allowing TV Everywhere access of content vs. giving content away through piracy or loose enforcement of limits. He discussed how NBCUniversal enforces strict security standards to gain access to premium content – in particular HD content that can even be offered on Android devices.
  • Farncombe’s Andrew Glasspool shared additional details of the “Future of Cardless Broadcast Security” white paper, which is slated for release before the end of October.  He posed the fundamental questions for operators to evaluate if cardless conditional access can be used in a one-way network environment: “How secure is my CA system” and “What is the threat of piracy”? Andrew outlined why these questions are interdependent and what additional factors operators need to take into consideration, such as total cost of ownership and changing security requirements for streamed content.

You can pre-register at to receive a copy when published.

  • Presenting its advanced multi-screen strategy, Vadi Dipcin of Turkcell talked about its gradual evolution to support mobile devices and smart TVs. The next steps are focused on enhancing the user experience, consistently adding more features and interactivity. Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator of Turkey with 35 million subscribers and offers Turkcell TV on the device of choice for its customers, with Verimatrix providing its  revenue security.
  • Olivier Milet, Internet TV Market Segment Manager at Envivio presented and debated the different influences acting on operators in a multi-screen environment and how video delivery architecture must be redesigned to address new challenges. He aptly used Belgacom, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium and one of the largest Verimatrix multi-screen customers with more than 1 million subscribers, as a use case example. Belgacom offers live multi-screen services using a combination of HLS and Smooth Streaming to optimize each device experience. Its scalable architecture enables the addition of new features/services and content personalization.
  • Dune HD's CIO Vitaliy Matuschenko introduced an innovative DVB/OTT hybrid set-top box (STB) that is the size of a thumb drive (!) and plugs into the TV through HDMI port. He described how operators can create a unified STB platform with multiple networks through powerful devices, like its Dune HD Connect product.


We also had our team present the Verimatrix vision of multi-screen revenue security and how we address the growing complexity of security requirements. OTT video is proving its value to operators and consumers and is exponentially improving with each new deployment. Just as we commented with IPTV, consumers don’t care which pipe is delivering content. They just want the flexibility and power to view it when, where and how they want.

This year’s attendance, which doubled from our premiere event in 2011, was a reflection of the growth of our company and the pay-TV industry overall. Emerging technologies present both an opportunity and conundrum for operators. At Verimatrix, it is part of our job to help our customers navigate through technical and business decisions to roll out multi-network services in order to improve competitiveness, revenue and profits. 

We managed to mix in some entertainment during the Summit, which took full advantage of the Oktoberfest atmosphere including an amazing dinner looking over the celebration and presentations given in full lederhosen regalia!

In case you weren’t able to attend, we can provide presentations upon request (email Colin Turner at and check out our Facebook page for the “best of” photos.

The bar has certainly been raised for our 2013 EMEA Multi-network Summit.

See you next year!