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Marzo 13, 2012

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Ready, Set, Go! Spotlight on India’s Journey to Digital TV, Post #1

The upcoming digitalization of cable TV networks in India is one of the largest undertakings of its kind in the world. It presents operators and technology vendors with challenges and opportunities like never before in the history of television in India. However, digital TV delivery technologies, while offering opportunities for subscriber and revenue growth, also present new content and revenue security challenges.

As Indian cable TV operators go through the analog-to-digital transition, they must proactively plan for and address a unique set of technology issues. Ultimately, the objective is to choose a security policy and technology path that minimizes costs without sacrificing the ability to meet service (revenue) requirements in the long run. The choice of security technology is both critical and fundamental to the future competitiveness and financial performance of Indian cable TV operators.

While Indian cable operators consider and plan for the transition from analog to digital, it behooves them to consider in parallel the value brought by digital TV security providers.

Indian cable TV operators, whether small or large, would be well-suited to realize that a flexible and effective digital TV security architecture can be an essential enabler of innovative business models and improve their competitiveness. The choice of the overall security solution is therefore a critical strategic decision. This consideration also shifts the perspective of the security technology from traditional content protection to the broader concept of revenue security.

We think that revenue security is really at the core of this transition, and therefore will be developing a series of posts exploring the challenges facing the undertaking (and our thoughts on possible solutions).  We’ll address digital TV security considerations, explore security issues from a content owners’ perspective, and provide some practical guidance on revenue security.

We’ll be at the SCaT Workshops Mumbai, 15-16 March 2012 at the Hotel Taj Vivanta President in Mumbai, India.  There, we will be hosting the next installment of our Multi-Network Solutions in the Real World forum series during the workshops on 15 March 2012 at 16:15.

During the session, we’ll explore new advanced options for addressable digital video security systems that provide flexibility during new network deployments or upgrades of existing digital networks.  In particular, we will explore how such solutions can provide cost effective scalable configurations for smaller deployments that can be upgraded to full multi-network head-ends in a seamless manner. We hope you can join us!

If you are attending the Workshop, please chime in below and let us know which particular topics you would like to see covered.