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Marzo 15, 2012

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India’s Journey to Digital TV: Making the Right Revenue Security Choice, Post #3

We kicked off our series with some general observation on digital TV security and then explored the benefits of a smart card-based security system vs. a cardless system, but what does all of it mean for the average Indian cable operator?

For Indian cable operators it is imperative to choose a security architecture that supports both the immediate analog-to-digital transition while also laying a sound foundation for the future – a future that may include delivery to PCs and Macs, games consoles, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Aspiring cable operators ultimately should strive to implement a CA/DRM system that can serve as a unified revenue security platform for services destined to reach multiple screens across multiple networks. They will want a solution that can draw on the best of encryption, conditional access, digital rights management and video watermarking techniques to dynamically apply whatever types of security are appropriate to each service, no matter which delivery network is used, and no matter what type of subscriber device is used to access it.

In fact, handling rights and subscriber management for different DRM systems

from a unified security head-end is the ultimate objective.

Fortunately, Indian cable operators can now escape traditional CA system single-network restrictions without compromising security or adding complications to the consumer’s experience. In fact, a card-less system can provide new levels of security essential to new multi-screen service models that would be virtually impossible to achieve with legacy systems.

A unified, digital TV security system is a vital ingredient for operators looking to expand their service profiles, to meet contractual and service protection obligations. A single security authority, offering multi-layered protection, allows new business models to emerge and flourish.

This is certainly a very exciting time in for the cable industry in India.  The digitization efforts present operators and technology vendors with challenges and opportunities like never before in the history of television in India, and it will be interesting to watch the transition roll-out.

You may want to download our white paper on the network migration topic, New Content Security Strategies Transform Pay-TV Service Migration.” The paper covers what operators should consider when upgrading their networks.