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Enero 12, 2012

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Breaking New Ground on Multi-screen Security with GiantSteps

Bill Rosenblatt, founder of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, provides his perspective on the new white paper we recently launched together, “Content Security Requirements for Multi-Screen Video Services.” On his Copyright and Technology blog, he describes the objective of this paper as an effort “to gather actual security requirements from major content owners and describe them in a single document. The intent is to help pay-TV operators and other video service providers that are looking to launch multi-screen video services, so that they know what to expect and avoid any unpleasant surprises with regard to security requirements when licensing content to offer through their services.” Bill summarizes one of the major findings while developing these content security guidelines. “Life for pay-TV operators used to be relatively simple: adopt a conditional access (CA) technology that was equally effective in thwarting signal theft as it was in thwarting content piracy. Economic and security goals were aligned between operators and copyright owners.  Now life is considerably more complicated, as operators have to support home networks and branch out into mobile services. Content security requirements are more complicated as well.” Click here to read the entire post from Bill’s Copyright and Technology blog. Download the paper and let us know if you agree with the content security guidelines for multi-screen video services.