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Septiembre 16, 2011

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As Seen on OTT TV: Multi-screen Video Matures as it Goes and Grows Over-the-Top

Steve Christian was recently featured on the increasingly popular Pay OTT TV Blog from Tvinici, which was highlighted at IBC 2011.  Content security is one of the most complex issues associated with OTT TV. We have asked Steve Christian, VP Marketing at Verimatrix, to give us the DRM / Conditional Access perspective of OTT TV (Verimatrix provides software-based security solutions for service providers). Steve, What do you think are the main reasons behind pay TV operators expanding into the Over-the-Top Space? A key driver is to be able to cover the bases of additional screens in the home, which from a defensive perspective would gather eyeballs of competitive or niche services. From a more positive standpoint this raises the competitive bar for other pay-TV operators in the same franchise area or region. Another reason is to be able to expand the geographic reach of the operator’s service brand beyond the existing subscriber pool, potentially to a worldwide audience. What are the greatest challenges associated with content protection in the pay-OTT space? The greatest challenge is awareness of content protection issues at a high level, and the details of how this must be supported at fine grain level. To read the complete Q&A, please visit the Pay OTT Blog.