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Marzo 29, 2011

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Enabling the Digital TV Networks of the Future


I think it goes without saying that we are very excited about adding Comvenient, a Munich-based DVB conditional access company with an excellent track record and reputation, to our Verimatrix family. We’ve already received very favorable reactions from our partners, customers and industry analysts. But we would like to underscore the rationale, with all the current industry hype around OTT video and TV Everywhere, for why the leading IP revenue security company would be investing in DVB broadcast conditional access? The answer is found in the global perspective we have gained in working with many different types of network operators and system integration partners around the globe. Today’s digital TV global landscape is still dominated by DVB broadcast systems – but these broadcast only networks of today are certainly the hybrid networks of the future. Based on compiling a number of industry metrics and reports, we’ve identified 700+ operators, today with more than 160M subscribers, will switch the technology base of their network over the next couple of years – perhaps from analog to digital, or from MPEG2 to MPEG4 digital technologies. Operators that fit this description will grow to 220M subscribers in the same time frame. And we feel all of these networks will use the transition point to consider new CA/DRM solutions that enable cost optimization and position the network service to grow into IP service delivery of one sort or another in the medium term. Even during the next transitionary few years, the subscriber base of virtually all of these operators may well be dominated by broadcast-only technologies. But at the same time as adding a number of premium IP-based service options, operators will almost certainly want to explore a range of client options including cost-effective cardless security. Therefore they will see a flexible DVB broadcast solution as a major component of an overall growth trajectory that includes broadcast, hybrid, and Internet network delivery. And that they will want to manage the rights for content across all these networks in a holistic manner. Think of it this way: the operators that “only” need broadcast DVB security now, will need VCAS 3 later in their deployment. With this acquisition, not only do we maintain our focus as digital TV security specialists, but we can now offer a full security migration plan for DVB operators that want to move to a hybrid network – all under a single security architecture. By adding Comvenient’s deep DVB expertise and hard-earned reputation for secure and reliable products, which are very complementary to Verimatrix’s, we will reach our goal to be the most successful and innovative CA/DRM company in the market. To put a finer point on it, here is how our company profile has been enhanced with this acquisition: Founded: 2000


Scope: Content and Revenue Security for multi-network, multi-screen applications: IPTV, DVB, hybrid & over-the-top to STBs, PCs, connected TVs, web tablets & mobile devices


Locations: San Diego, California, with European HQ in Munich, Germany; Sales offices in The Netherlands, France, Russia, China, Singapore and Argentina


Customers: 450+ operator customers in 50 countries, including 20 Tier 1s and 2s – protecting more than 18M screens for IPTV, DVB, PCs and other devices


Partners: More than 110 ecosystem channel & integration partners Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, Technicolor and ZTE


Investors: Goldman Sachs, Mission Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, Cipio Partners, JK&B Capital and SunAmerica Ventures

NAB is a great opportunity for us to continue to discuss the benefits of our broadened DVB capabilities. You will see the Verimatrix booth (#SU6207) and the Comvenient booth (SU3024) adopt the new “Expect More” messaging and an emphasis on combining smart card and cardless security, DVB migration strategies and multi-network/multi-device security options. Please come by to hear more.