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Mayo 13, 2010

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Maintaining Top Position as Global Leader in IPTV Content Protection

IPTV Market Leader Reportand we are pleased that we have maintained our global number one position for the eighth consecutive reporting period. Plus, we remained number one for Europe and Rest of World and was the only company to rank among the top four in each region globally.  We are very proud of our continued growth in IPTV. We feel we have been able to keep this top spot for several reasons. 1) We have built a very strong partner ecosystem that includes global and regional system integrators, which allows each vendor to focus on what they do best 2) We offer effective security solutions that address changing business needs and gives operators the freedom and flexibility to growth their businesses. Since launching VCAS 3, what we’re calling the next generation of digital TV security solutions, we have received tremendous response on how we support operators’ “cash registers” that enable them to grow their subscriber base and add revenue streams. We are able to create value for our customers by understanding the complex business issues for multi-screen video delivery and delivering solutions way beyond content protection.  You can see some examples of this from our library of white papers and other resources. This recognition also reflects the dedication of our customer care team to respond to the unique needs of our customers.  Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this noteworthy feat!