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A title screen introducing Verimatrix's comprehensive guide to Digital RIghts Management

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Rights Management

Introducing the DRM Ecosystem and Security Best Practices Guide – a comprehensive manual on how to protect your online video content from hackers and pirates. Don’t let them win!
A title screen that describes the value of designed in security for mobile app security.

The value of designed in security

This ebook examines the mobile app security landscape, how the threats are evolving, and how designed in security is essential in the face of these threats.
A title screen that introduces the development that content piracy has reached an industrial scale and must be stopped.

Protect or plunder: Surgical strikes to disrupt industrial-scale piracy

A new data- driven approach can target the riskiest behaviour with surgical precision: cutting off criminals while improving the user experience for everyone else.
A title screen that introduces how critical steps are needed to curb cheating, hacking, and piracy in the esports industry.

Cheating, hacking, piracy, and esports: critical steps needed to protect the industry

To better understand the current and future needs of the esports market, Verimatrix sponsored both a survey and video interviews of esports event organizers and team representatives; work performed by analyst house Omdia.
A title screen that describes how Verimatrix has been named the highest-scoring leader in media & entertainment application shielding by Omdia.

Verimatrix Named Highest-scoring Leader in Media & Entertainment Application Shielding by Research Firm Omdia

Omdia, the multi-billion-dollar global technology research powerhouse, recently named Verimatrix the highest-scoring leader in media & entertainment application shielding.
A title screen that introduces the US fintech market & how cybersecurity plays a crucial role.

US Fintechs and Cybersecurity

With retail banks citing mobile banking as their top priority IT project based on Omdia’s ICT Enterprise Insights 2020/21 survey, financial apps are becoming the new normal. While mobile banking brings numerous opportunities, it also comes with application security challenges.