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Mobile App Security Testing

How vulnerable is your app to security risks?

Get your free Android app security test to receive actionable insights that can help you strengthen your app against security threats.

Our report helps you:

  • Discover and understand your mobile app penetration testing score.
  • Learn where your app stands against the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Vulnerabilities list.
  • Receive guidance and recommendations on how you can improve your app’s security.

Did you know?


Apps & devices

remain unprotected and vulnerable to attack.



had recently experienced mobile-related compromise.



that experienced mobile-related compromise described their compromise as “major”​.

Request your free assessment today, gain actionable insights about:

Your app’s likely performance in a pen test​

Before spending money on an expensive pen test, this assessment showcases vulnerabilities in network security, static and dynamic analysis, and modification threats.​

Tackling vulnerabilities and studio mandates​

Our seasoned security professionals will outline how vulnerable your app is to threats found on OWASP’s Top 10 Vulnerabilities list, and direct you towards easily-integrated solutions that help achieve compliance.

How your app stacks up against competition​

Your app’s score will determine whether your app security follows industry standards – and if you’re inadvertently putting customers at risk.

How it works?

Step 1

After submitting the form, our specialists will use your App Package ID or Google Play URL to test your app’s security.

Step 2

During a thorough assessment, we will generate and assemble a report to give you a deep dive into any vulnerabilities.

Step 3

You’ll receive your app’s grade and full report. We will walk you through your results and share recommendations for improvement.

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