Have you ever thought about the most crucial asset that your organization possesses? Besides your employees, it’s your customers. And how do you communicate with them these days? That’s right, through mobile applications. 

Think about it. How do you conduct banking transactions, schedule a rideshare, watch streaming sports, order prescription refills, or buy a book without an app? Mobile apps are an increasingly integral part of most businesses, and if your app is compromised, there’s a significant issue.

Unfortunately, most of today’s applications are not protected well enough. That makes for a perfect storm. 

Here’s why: hackers are finding it challenging to bypass traditional enterprise security solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus tools. So, what do the bad guys do? They take the app path! And this increased interest in your mobile app poses risks to everything that’s connected to it. We call this the mobile app security blindspot.

What is the mobile app security blind spot?

This blindspot is something you need to address quickly, and it’s a significant information security challenge for CISOs and their teams. A blindspot refers to any device on the network that monitoring tools cannot detect. And in the case of mobile apps, the blindspot is the app and all connected devices, including unmanaged consumer devices.

You might be asking why app protection is needed when Google and Apple already protect the apps in their app stores. The reality is that Google and Apple only protect the phones they manufacture and manage the rules for accepting apps into their stores. 

Google and Apple don’t have access to what’s inside an app. Nor do they control the connections between the app, device and your enterprise. App security is the responsibility of the app owner.

There’s a common misconception among businesses that investing in server-side security such as firewalls and API protection is enough to protect them. And while it’s great to see businesses investing in that segment of cybersecurity, it’s important to recognize that these traditional security measures cannot address the blindspot that mobile apps present once they become an integral part of your organization.

Businesses need to understand that their security is only as strong as their weakest link. And for many organizations, that weak link is their mobile app. If hackers can exploit the blind spot presented by the app, or any of the other vulnerabilities found in OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities list, then all the money spent on traditional security tools won’t help much.

How do you solve the mobile app security blind spot?

This is where Verimatrix XTD comes in.

Verimatrix XTD is a unique extended threat defense platform for Android and iOS that prevents, detects, responds and predicts cyberthreats and fraud signals for Android and iOS apps, keeping you safe from zero day attacks. 

First released in early 2022, Verimatrix XTD is a game-changer when it comes to protecting your mobile application ecosystem. We use military-grade technology available to help safeguard your mobile apps and detect any attacks. It’s a proven, reliable and scalable solution that is both intuitive and easy to use.

At Verimatrix XTD, we analyze all the data to predict attacks and provide protection before they even happen. We offer a unique differentiator: our agentless, zero-code solution allows us to protect apps and detect attacks on consumer devices by covering an extremely wide attack surface. 

Most MTD and EDR vendors cannot do what we do, as they require customers to install agents on managed devices. Verimatrix XTD empowers you to extend your monitoring to these unmanaged consumer devices.

Offering a uniquely comprehensive approach to mobile app security, Verimatrix helps to protect the vital connections between your business and your users. With our cybersecurity solution, you can be rest assured that your mobile applications are secure, and your customer data is safe. 

It’s this confidence that your mobile app can remain a business enabler rather than a potential source for vulnerabilities that makes Verimatrix XTD an important extension to your cybersecurity strategy.