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Say Goodbye to Piracy

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Taking content security to the next level

The broadcast and streaming industry faces new threats like declining pay-TV revenues and growing “industrial-scale” piracy losses. The industry needed a new type of solution for today’s modern world. Counterspy by Verimatrix takes content security to the next level with cutting-edge piracy prevention, app protection, risk monitoring and countermeasures.

Counterspy allows businesses to instantly detect and respond to modern cyberthreats on a single, powerful platform. Stay steps ahead of tech-savvy pirates with Counterspy’s advanced threat defense.

How Counterspy™ works?

Counterspy™ is an anti-piracy agent utilizing Verimatrix’s proprietary app security technology, allowing customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, to efficiently fight piracy at the source.

A quick look at Counterspy™

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Success story

With Counterspy, premium set-top box security can now extend to bring-your-own-device environments. Verimatrix, Beacon and Amlogic recently deployed the industry’s first anti-piracy system built inside Android TV set-top boxes. Counterspy fills the authentication gap left by the shift away from operator-controlled hardware.

This allows operators to confidently distribute experiences once locked to proprietary platforms, while opening new revenue opportunities. Counterspy uniquely protects against credential theft, circumvention, app fraud and more – capabilities beyond current Multi-DRM vendors. It’s a huge leap forward for protection on modern devices.

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Defend your pay-TV, streaming and broadcast business against modern cyberthreats with Counterspy’s advanced piracy threat detection and automated countermeasures.

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