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At the Edge of Esports: Team 7AM Speaks

Driven largely by Gen Z players and an audience made up of 16-24 year olds, professionals in adjacent markets (including broadcasting, software development, and payment processors) would be wise to take a deep dive into the bourgeoning world of esports to gain a better understanding of their intertwined futures.

Pro soccer player trying to block goal

3 Techniques to Strike Out Piracy in Live Sports

Piracy has become a major source of revenue loss, especially during the past year when in-person spectatorship was cancelled. The bright side? Powerful security techniques can prevent and deter piracy at all stages of the workflow.

Abstract image of a download

Insights on BitTorrent Piracy

During the first half of March, Verimatrix used our own client to scrape BitTorrent’s mainline DHT protocol and gain first-hand, localized information about piracy on the world’s biggest distributed network. Here’s what we found.

Apple phone, tablet and laptop displaying app icons

iOS, Bitcode and App Security

Six years ago, Apple added support for Bitcode with Xcode 7. Still, after all this time, there are many misconceptions about what it means for developers and their iOS apps – especially when it comes to security.

Server room with third party technology

Is Your Third-Party and Legacy Software Vulnerable?

The headlines about the recent SolarWinds data breach have brought three security risks center-stage: end of life software, third-party vulnerabilities and software supply chain risk. The attack has left almost every company dependent on third-party software wondering: How can we avoid something like this?

Logging into streaming service with two factor authentication

Preventing Password Sharing Leakage in the Golden Age of Streaming

Year over year, a significant amount of revenue is lost as the result of people using streaming services without paying for them. Since the practice is a widely accepted form of piracy amongst many consumers, streaming companies must be proactive in their approach to capture and keep the money that rightly belongs to them.

Teen playing video game on desktop computer

Spoofing Attacks in Gaming: Popular Methods for Hacks and Cheats

The gaming community is among the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals to exploit and make a quick profit. While growing ad revenue, valuable sponsorships that bring in ever-increasing audiences for tournaments, and prize pools in the millions undoubtedly draw the attention of gamers and fans — sophisticated cybercriminals are also captivated by the cash.

Man holding mobile phone displaying Covid Vaccine App

In the Rush to Develop Vaccine Passports, How Do You Prioritize App Security?

As vaccines become more widely available and shots reach more arms, software engineers and developers are scrambling to create mobile apps – coined “vaccine passports” or “COVID status certificates” – that will help the public ease into safe travel and events. What can developers do to keep them secure in the mad dash to market?

man paying cashier with digital wallet

The Future of Payment Acceptance

There is a great willingness to adopt new technologies and processes in order to bring payments into the future. Here’s how to overcome inertia and move forward with security and trust.


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