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Browse our blog for insights and analysis about all things related to video protection and anti-piracy in the connected world. Find industry-related articles, news, and advice from our security specialists, and learn more about how to best safeguard your content and applications.

Securing the Road Ahead: Automotive Security Done Right

A new vehicle rolling off the assembly line today has more lines of code than a modern passenger jet. It includes complex infotainment, telematics, and infrastructure systems, all of which must work together in perfect harmony and synchronization to keep the driver connected, informed, and safe.

Enhancing the DRM Arsenal: A Shield Against Piracy

Despite Digital Rights Management (DRM) protections, video piracy manages to significantly impact OTT video delivery. The business model of OTT/DRM video delivery means it has been built to maximize reach.

The dates for the Money 20/20 event in September 2022.

Top Discussions on Security Trends at Money 20/20

I was thrilled to take part in Money20/20 Europe this year, which was in person after a two-year hiatus. And it was great to walk the show floor and see the Verimatrix name on our booth! I found the event had a pleasant calmness, which seemed to encourage more free flowing conversations.

OTT Under Fire: Putting the Kibosh on Piracy

Video consumption has evolved from the familiar pay TV bundles of channels delivered by cable or satellite to today’s multi-sourced streaming content delivered digitally across many devices — thanks to advances in internet/cloud and mobile technologies. These advances, combined with the OTT revolution and COVID-19 disruption, have accelerated the pace of change and corresponding threats. Piracy, for example, has grown from local, isolated annoyances to technically savvy fraud executed at scale, capable of disrupting multi-million dollar revenue streams with ease. Serious stuff.

Esports Unplugged: Verimatrix and Team 7AM’s Insider Talk

Driven largely by Gen Z players and an audience made up of 16-24 year olds, professionals in adjacent markets (including broadcasting, software development, and payment processors) would be wise to take a deep dive into the bourgeoning world of esports to gain a better understanding of their intertwined futures.

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