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Neal Michie
May 29, 2019


Mobile apps attempt to hide a lot of secrets. There is a tendency to focus on assets like personal data, credit card information, cryptographic keys and IP. This is understandable as these are technical assets and app security quickly becomes a technical discussion.

As Uber Eats discovered last week, sometimes these assets are more abstract - like a new business model. As anyone who has launched a new product knows, there is nothing worse than your careful prepared Big Bang being ruined by your plans leaking.

This concept of abstract assets is seen in many places. The games industry, for example, used to focus on anti-privacy to protect revenue. As games move to free-to-play, so does the revenue protection battle. The biggest threat in the free-to-play is cheating. Once players work out how to cheat a game, the fun goes and so do the players and revenue. Would you have considered the concept of fair play being a software asset that needs to be protected?

Inside Secure’s Code Protection Tools can protect these abstract assets in the same way they protect technical assets. Stopping attackers from finding them, extracting them and misusing them.


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