Nathan Saunders
May 21, 2019

When I say “log files,” you say… Ok, I can hear you groaning from here. Very few people can get excited about log files. While log files are full of rich and meaningful data that can be used to both troubleshoot network issues and proactively monitor network health. The process of accessing log files, aggregating, cleansing and rendering data to be analyzed is time consuming.

Network engineers mine each server for logs, review the data and manually assess the health of systems. Are key requests being evenly distributed? Is any server being overloaded? At what speed are keys being served?

VCAS Activity Dashboards eliminates the manual grind of making sense of system data by visualizing data in accessible, customizable dashboards. By automatically pulling this data into near real-time dashboards, network operators see at a glance any anomalies in their network. They can proactively address issues with key servers, load balancers, etc. before they lead to server overload and service outages.



With VCAS Activity Dashboards, service providers can access a range of KPI’s like:

Average Key Latency in ms.

Latency can be a silent killer of CX and sometimes goes unnoticed until an operator receives complaints from their subscribers. One subscriber complaining about latency means several more are experiencing it.  By watching this metric an operator can get a pulse on where that average latency becomes noticeable to consumers. 

Total Channel Key Requests

Consumers can be predictable but their consumption habits change over time.  By reviewing Total Channel Key Requests over an entire month an operator can see the ebb and flow of consumer attention.

Total VOD Keyfile Requests per Minute/Total DTV Keyfile Requests per Minute

These two panels give a minute by minute comparison of live versus VOD content consumption habits.  When cross referenced with programming data this can empower the operator in choosing where to leverage their advertising to biggest/best audience.  The operator can also provide context appropriate VOD content to live consumers and live content advertising to VOD viewers.

Total Hourly Health Check Messages by Server

VCAS has system level health checks that occur between services and components.  At a glance this allows an operator administrator to see the consistency of those health checks and observe if any have not been reporting normally rather than manually mining log files.

VCAS Activity Dashboards provide automatic visualization of the data network engineers need to optimize their head-end and ensure network operations are functioning as expected, without checking individual log files one server at a time.

VCAS Activity Dashboards is just one module available within the Verspective Intelligence platform. When combined with cross-functional data such as audience engagement, consumption behavior, and QoE KPIs, Verspective Intelligence creates a powerful data hub that empowers video service providers to mitigate churn, increase ARPU, and surpass customer expectations. Contact us to learn more about VCAS Activity Dashboards and Verspective Intelligence.