Mar 26, 2019

The latest release of VCAS Ultra (4.3) is now generally available, bringing with it a host of forward-thinking functionality and integrations. We built VCAS 4.3 with an eye toward the trends and technologies shaping the pay-TV industry.

With improvements in high-speed broadband, the growth in adaptive bit-rate unicast delivery and OTT services, and the momentum behind retail streaming devices, the pay-TV industry is faced with dramatic shifts in subscriber demands and the resulting technologies to service them.

All of this sets the industry up for an accelerating migration to cloud services to provide the rapid and sophisticated technological advances required to satisfy the consumers of the digital age. VCAS 4.3 is optimized to help operators navigate these powerful trends.

New Watermarking Solutions that Keep Pace with Industry Innovation

In VCAS 4.3, our new StreamMark server-side watermarking solution can mark content in the headend, applying session-based forensic watermarking without any dependencies on device, browser, operating system, etc., which is especially important as hundreds of new devices enter the market each year.  StreamMark is the perfect complement to our MultiRights OTT multi-DRM solution, providing maximum revenue security for ABR and OTT streaming services. 

Our watermarking solutions – including StreamMark and VideoMark (client-side watermarking) – are the most flexible and robust solutions on the market today, protecting all device categories, network types, and delivery models from a common VCAS 4.3 head-end.

Simplifying MultiDRM OTT Delivery via the Cloud

Verimatrix MultiRights OTT is a single point of integration and rights management from which pay-TV operators and OTT services can deliver content using any leading DRM – like Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay Streaming, and VCAS for Internet TV.

Alongside VCAS 4.3, we have enhanced our ViewRight Secure Player to provide a perfect client-side complement to the MultiRights OTT head-end.  ViewRight Secure Player is now multi-DRM, enabling the use of all native DRMs supported by the MultiRights OTT head-end, as well as leveraging native players where desired.

In the latest VCAS 4.3 release, we’ve implemented a DASH-IF CPIX compliant interface for integration with leading partners (like AWS Media Services).  The CPIX specification makes it easier for video service providers to integrate new encoders and packagers and speeds up their ability to adopt new technologies utilizing best-of-breed suppliers.

One of the more powerful industry trends of recent years is migrating solutions to the cloud, including our complete VCAS 4.3 MultiRights OTT integration with AWS Media Services. AWS Media Services are an ambitious example of the best of cloud-connected video workflows. With our integration, we have established secure broadcast quality video workflows that service providers can spin up within minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. You can learn more about our integration here.

In fact, the VCAS 4.3 functionality highlighted here is available as pay-as-you-grow subscription services in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud platform.  Our VCAS and StreamMark solutions are more powerful when leveraged in the cloud, delivering efficiencies and economies of scale for our customers and enabling new connected content distribution workflows.

Innovating with Android TV

As part of the accelerating evolution of pay-TV, the Android TV platform is unique in its approach to modernizing the traditional viewing experience, enabling the personalization that digital consumers crave. It is an accessible platform that is customizable, enabling operators to bring their brand and corporate flavor to the deployment, and comes with a high level of baked-in functionality to speed a deployment’s time to market. By some estimates, there will be as many as 100 million Android TV devices on the market in 3 years.

Because of the popularity of Android TV, and the high-value content being delivered to the platform, it is especially important to get the security component right. You can read all about our solution for Android TV here, but the summary is that whether you are exploring Android Open Source Project or Android TV Operator Tier, VCAS Ultra is a proven security solution for Android TV, with numerous high-profile deployments with tier 1 pay-TV operators.

Furthermore, Verimatrix supports the MediaCAS API for Android TV by pre-integrating the ViewRight client with the MediaCAS API on leading chipsets. MediaCAS is a broadcast CAS interface that will enable Android TV broadcast services over satellite, cable and terrestrial networks. ViewRight pre-integration with MediaCAS streamlines STB development efforts required when using Android TV in broadcast applications.

With our latest release of VCAS 4.3, we strive to enable video service providers to develop your most compelling and fundamentally secure offerings ever.  To learn more about the security inside VCAS 4.3, schedule a meeting with us at NAB.