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Neal Michie
Feb 22, 2019

are you playing russian roulette with your apps

In our new whitepaper, Don’t Play Russian Roulette with your Apps, we discuss the risks that mobile apps expose organisations and their customers to. We also discuss the easy steps that can be taken to mitigate those risks – and so fully unlock the power and convenience the mobile brings.

One of the biggest risks any organisation takes when publishing a mobile app is becoming the victim of repackaging attack

The aim of a repackaging attack is to trick a user into installing the malicious code. Starting with a legitimate application means the repackaged one can look, feel and act just like the original. It becomes impossible for the user to tell the difference between the original and the malicious one.

This can be a way for the attacker to deploy malware – research shows that 86% of malware is delivered through repackaging attacks. More worryingly, repackaging also provides attackers with a way to put a “wiretap” into the application – allowing them to monitor the user and the application.

Estimates suggest that there are over 30,000 repackaged apps on Google Play.

At Mobile World Congress, Inside Secure will be demonstrating how easy it is to perform these attacks; and how powerful Code Protection Tools make it even easier to stop them.

To learn more, download our Whitepaper.


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