Dec 3, 2018

At IBC 2018, Verimatrix introduced Viewthority, a content distribution platform that provides unparalleled connectivity and insights for content providers and video service operators. Built on top of AWS, it is designed to reduce the cost and complexity in the current content delivery processes, resulting in improved competitiveness and enabling new business models.

On the heels of the Viewthority launch, we worked with Videonet to explore the issues in video distribution between content providers and video service operators – by talking to those that know best.

Based on interviews with cable operators Swisscom and TCC Uruguay and industry players like AWS Elemental, Rethink Technology Research, tvstrategies, Mediamorph and Minerva Networks, the report deep dives into the most problematic areas that tend to complicate and increase the costs associated with business-to-business video distribution. It then examines the technology and business process solutions that address these issues via a platform like Viewthority.

A pivotal point has been reached as cloud technology transforms video service delivery methods. Acute price pressures are increasing from the popularity of pure play OTT providers, challenging operators to obtain the relevant content needed to compete. Compounding this need is the growing trend of content providers going direct to consumers.

The need to manage video delivery in a more efficient and automated fashion has never been greater than it is today. We have anticipated this need with Viewthority, which can connect any centralized content library with the global constellation of video service operators. Delivered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), this establishes the required transparent content exchange through the cloud, enabling data flow in both directions for analytics and reporting.

We encourage you to download the report, “Re-imaging content distribution workflow for the video industry,” to see if you agree with the problem-solution scenarios and can find solutions to overcome other pain points you may be experiencing. You can also request a demo of Viewthority to better understand how it can remove friction for you.