Sep 10, 2018


We are very proud to bring a new way of thinking to the video industry. Today we launched Viewthority, which we describe as a connected content distribution platform. It is essentially a new distribution model that connects content providers with video service operators via a common cloud platform in a way that has not been done before.

Today, the engagement between content providers and service operators is inefficient from a commercial (e.g., lengthy contractual negotiation processes) and technical (e.g., redundant encoding farms creating many different file formats) standpoint.

Viewthority is a completely reimagined workflow that brings new levels of transparency, efficiency and control to content distribution. Content is stored once and securely delivered everywhere. Contractual terms and business rules are centrally managed. Real-time data and reporting increase contract compliance efficiency, and provide viewer insights.

For operators, this platform saves the cost of having to re-encode and re-encrypt as content is sent pre-packaged at a set of given bit rates and file formats. It reduces friction in dealing with content providers on usage rights and contractual terms. It also helps harness analytics more effectively to cut churn, boost ad sales and upsell the data itself. They are also able to satisfy content provider requirements through automated usage reporting and QoE assurance.

For content providers, it brings an unprecedented level of visibility into aggregated viewership data and enables them to gain insights from analytics. They also maintain greater control over their content with improved ability to eliminate or minimize re-encryption points, enforce rights and licensing terms digitally—all with less room for error. There is no longer the need for encoding farms to create 20+ different file formats for hundreds of different service providers.

Viewthority is really the culmination of our best assets – our award-winning VCAS family of revenue security solutions, forensic watermarking solutions and services, our Verspective Analytics platform powering a comprehensive yet extendable cloud-based analytics solutions, RightsConnex, which streamlines multi-tier video and security workflows through end-to-end content encryption, policy definition and enforcement – and of course our unmatched partner ecosystem. We’re able to reduce the cost and complexity in current content delivery processes, resulting in improved competitiveness and enable new business models.

As the content industry expands and fragments, it becomes harder to conduct trade in the traditional way involving direct negotiation over rights, bitrates and formats. This new approach champions the creation of an automated platform where content discovery and negotiation, as well as secure transmission, all take place digitally.

We will be demonstrating Viewthority at IBC with some of our launch partners – AWS Elemental and Mediamorph. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

We are excited to bring to market a more modern way of improving the efficiency of the end-to-end delivery process and removing obstacles that impede transparency and information flow.