Verimatrix Labs
Jul 24, 2018

I have been creating watermarking solutions since the dawn of this century and have seen the industry and technology mature. While it’s an area that keeps evolving, there are use cases where the application is proven, and implementation considerations are reduced to a few popular approaches to which the industry, including suppliers, content owners and operators, agree.

It was time to collect this information and make it available to the industry for an overview of watermarking applications and implementation.

Those of us within the Streaming Video Alliance collaborated to create a full watermarking guide with input from vendors, users and content owners. It took us over a year to agree on guidance that takes into consideration aspects from different experiences and viewpoints from all sources, but ultimately we have assembled information on format for the watermarking payload and privacy considerations, as well as considerations of robustness and implementation performance.

The Streaming Video Alliance has just released the “Forensic Watermarking Implementation Considerations for Streaming Media” which is publicly available here.

This document provides a high-level overview for new adopters and a summary for users that have experience in the field. It can be seen as a sister document to the UHDF publication (chapter 7.2 in Phase A Guidelines). While that document was put together by a similar group of contributors with a focus on technical implementation details, the brand-new Streaming Video Alliance document has an emphasis on the use case, integration overview and end-to-end workflow.

I’ll miss spending the first hour on Fridays with my watermarking colleagues, but I look forward to the next chapters. If you have any input or suggestions for additional information that would be helpful to industry peers, please share in the comments below.