Kelly Foster
Dec 20, 2016

The end of the year is near, and it has become a Verimatrix tradition to round up our top-performing content from the past 12 months and put a spotlight on the most popular as determined by you.

Below, we visually display what received the most clicks in 2017 - in our resource library, on our website and on our social media channels. Scroll all the way down to find links to the content you might have missed. 

Thank you for following us this year. We are excited to welcome the New Year and see where the pay-TV industry takes us in 2018.



White Papers

1. Native vs Downloadable DRM: The Long-term Implications of Short-term Choices
2. Best Practices in Data Privacy for Video Service Providers
3. The Future of Broadcast Cardless Security Revisited



1. Protect Against Piracy and Unlock Premium Content
2. Las Claves de la Transformación de la TV Paga en Latinoamérica
3. Rethinking Content Distribution


Pay TV Views Blog

1. CEO Outlook - 5 Key challenges facing Video Service Providers
2. Answering Your Questions on the True Cost of DRM
3. Verimatrix Labs: How a Lack of Concern for IoT Security Affects Us All




1. DRM is Not Free: The True Cost of DRM
2. The Future of Connected Security
3. IBC 2017: Analytics Event Highlights