| Ricardo Tavares - TechPolis
Nov 13, 2017

Every day we receive plenty of evidence that the digital world is crying for data protection and privacy. Equifax’s data breach, break-ins on some of the most secret national security data, misuse of personal data by company staff—the list goes on. No wonder dystopian science fiction is on the rise.

A year ago, we started a conversation with Verimatrix on data privacy.  Daragh O’Brien from Castlebridge and I like to work with companies that are truly committed to data privacy, and we found out Verimatrix is one such company.

Our first task in working with them was to differentiate data protection from data privacy. Data protection refers to the technical and human side of preventing data from getting into the wrong hands outside of the organization storing it.  Data privacy refers to how an organization internally manages its stewardship of the personal data it gets from people, using it only with proper authorization from the data owners—the individuals who provided the data—for the tasks it says it will use it, for the time necessary to do so.

While data protection is a pre-condition for data privacy, it is not sufficient to secure it. Responsible organizations must structure the technical and human requirements for assuring personal data privacy.

We went on to research and write a white paper on data privacy, which identified five core elements of data privacy: ​

  • Transparency

  • Value to customer

  • Control

  • Responsibility/Governance

  • Balance risk

Then, we conducted a survey of video service providers to determine how their data privacy practices fare vis a vis the best practices our white paper had identified. Below, we have presented our findings in an easy-to-understand infographic. Essentially, our conclusion is that video service providers have got work to do, and it is important work, since customers are increasingly aware of data privacy and how privacy has become part of your brand. Scroll down to view the full infographic!

I also want to invite you to read our papers and share your thoughts. Click here to access three documents—a white paper, a survey report executive summary, and a full survey report document, all uniquely distinct. I hope you enjoy the reading.