Aug 30, 2018

As we accelerate towards the goals of 2017, we are excited to unveil our new brand promotional program, “The Future of Connected Security,” which is intended to more accurately convey how we are leveraging our depth of experience in IP- and software-based security to protect and monetize next-generation services.

The program is the focal point of our booth at NAB (#SU3116) and an underlying theme of our presence at this year’s show.  Our web presence has also been updated to match this theme.

“The Future of Connected Security” concept is the natural evolution of where Verimatrix – and our view of the marketplace – has been heading. It speaks directly to the emerging landscape in which connected devices of all types are central in solutions to new technical and business challenges. Visually represented for our brand by a range of familiar and emerging connected devices – set-tops, smart phones, thermostats, security cameras and more – the imagery serves as a reminder of how pervasive connectivity and data mining is becoming, as well as the potential security threats impacting our daily lives.

Connected devices are indeed extending the security and analytics landscape in video applications and beyond, but it’s important to understand that addressing the challenges faced by the emerging class of connected applications is nothing new for Verimatrix. As custodians of revenue security, we have been protecting connected devices for more than a decade – long before they were called “things.” In fact, many solutions and approaches proven in the connected set-top box environment are now seen as highly applicable to secure a broader category of IoT services.

Similar to the pay-TV industry, IoT security is about securing any device, across any network, against any threat, but it is important for service providers to appreciate that before they can fully seize new opportunities through IoT applications, they must redefine their security frameworks to meet the challenges. It is imperative that, at the very least, all classes of connected devices have mechanisms that maintain their integrity and have authenticated access to secure communication channels within the cloud.

That’s where Verimatrix comes in. We want to help you elevate your connected security and analytics platform to the highest level of integrity. Our advanced security platforms have a heritage in IP and a vision for next-generation services.

The future is here and the time is now. As we ask our prospects and customers: Who are you going to trust with your connected future?

We invite you to stop by our booth #SU3116 during the show to see new “The Future of Connected Security” brand for yourself – let us know what you think!