Apr 19, 2017

The revenue security industry currently has a strong focus on protecting the emerging class of premium ultra HD (UHD) content services from a range of threats – including redistribution over the internet. The new high bar in security for such services has been driven by recommendations from organizations such as MovieLabs.

Yet in emphasizing security for UHD, the industry has almost fallen into the trap of playing down the valuable and relevant features/updates that continue to be developed for the whole of the existing video service industry.

It is important to recognize there is also an evolving world of threats against existing content services in high definition – or even standard definition. The range of content varies widely, but it forms the bedrock of revenue for many operator services and carries almost equal expectations from rights holders to protect against piracy.

Indeed, apart perhaps from enablement of the new level of Ultra Security set-top boxes, just about all the key features introduced in VCAS Ultra™, the latest generation of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System, are highly applicable to all types of services. As an end-to-end software and IP-centric architecture built from the ground up for cloud-based renewable software, VCAS Ultra is in line with the course of content security development over the coming years as it operates increasingly in converged entertainment.

The core of VCAS Ultra is an upgrade of the features and functions that keep our 875+ operator customer base in business today – and it always pays to maintain a current version of the whole software stack on which revenue security is based – even if the addition of advanced features like UHD protection are not currently required in the service profile.

An upgrade of your security to VCAS Ultra provides a range of benefits to our operator customers, including:

  • Leveraging the latest versions of operating systems and database software to address fixes provided as a part of their maintenance programs
  • Performance improvements to nearly all components of the VCAS architecture, which may enable deployment expansion without addition of new hardware
  • Support for the latest generations of ViewRight® clients that track the new versions of iOS, Android and other CE device operating systems
  • Full support for both HLS and MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate formats, including CENC encryption for multiple DRMs on DASH format streams
  • Access to MultiRights™ OTT functionality supporting all major third-party DRMs necessary to reach the widest range of subscriber device types

And no outline of VCAS Ultra features would be complete without a description of the options provided by Verspective Monitoring, which has been introduced as a crucial component of a new proactive content security service.

Verimatrix adds a monitoring option to all VCAS Ultra deployments on a global basis by optionally connecting those customers back to the Verspective Intelligence Center. The goal is to improve uptime and robustness of our customer’s critical operational infrastructure by providing a link to the resources and expertise of our expert Global Services team.

Not only does this link provide an option to access a patch/update service for VCAS and its supporting software components, but it also enables Verimatrix to proactively track issues that affect performance and availability on the customer system and address these issues with a 24x7x365 team of experts.

Rapid and seamless access to security updates in the field is crucial for countering emerging threats to common software components and subsystems and enabling proactive protection against new ones as they arise, irrespective of the content format.

Monitoring services are currently being extended to include anti-piracy functions. Artificial intelligence techniques help identify unusual patterns of activity that may be indicative of an attack but can also be the result of some other issue. These can then be addressed on an operator by operator – or perhaps even a regional or global basis.

The emphasis in all VCAS Ultra upgrades is on improving performance and uptime by assuring system health as a whole, while additionally enabling detection of security threats that might affect future availability.

Take a closer look at VCAS Ultra – we think you’ll be happy with what we can deliver.