Mar 3, 2017


I had the pleasure of speaking at Convergence India last month as the show celebrated its quarter-century milestone, as well as the culmination of the country’s digitalisation. Despite hurdles in the economy, such as the demonetization initiative and a radical transition to a more digital society, the tone of the show was undeniably upbeat. Attendees exuberated optimism for the future of pay TV, with a growing desire for manufacturers to “Make in India” and for video service providers to delve into new multi-screen service models that would be virtually impossible to achieve without their analog signals being switched off. 

Digitalisation in India has been laying a sound foundation for of the advancement of pay TV services in the region for several years. The industry has now reached its tipping point, and there is a clear need to secure revenue for the entire scope of potential service offerings – from cable/satellite to the convergence with IP-based networks, to pure play over-the-top (OTT) providers. Experienced in deploying digital video revenue security technologies around the globe, Verimatrix is excited to continue our footprint to the full range of service providers in the region, targeting both low and high ARPU consumer segments all the way across the digialitsation spectrum.

It is my assumption that the Indian pay-TV market is on its way to resembling those of North America and Europe, and its stakeholders are intently focused on what lies ahead. During the panel session I participated in as part of the Internet of Things India Expo, “Accelerators for IoT Growth - Moving from Big Data to Fast Data and advanced Analytics,” I sensed a strong reception to the inherent benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the potential value that can be uncovered by big data analytics. These topics have only recently begun to gain traction in different markets around the world, and it would appear that at this point in time, India is just as progressive as any other region.

Although it seems like a big leap from analog, it was clearly evident from my experience at Convergence India that there is a powerful force behind IoT and Big Data that is only going to drive the country upward. The future is now in India, and I am excited to see its advances proliferate. 

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