Christopher Rae
Jan 4, 2017

Our Global Services team engineered complex high-availability, geo-redundancy solutions for Taiwan’s largest telco Chunghwa Telecom – spanning four separate data centers in a project demonstrating our capabilities in disaster recovery.

In our industry, I’ve often heard sentiments like, “It’s just TV. It’s not like we’re saving lives.” My response to those comments is that if one of our customer's systems becomes unavailable during a soccer match, then it could mean that millions of people in Brazil could get a black screen, and then there could be rioting in the streets. Or if there was a natural disaster, terrorist event or other threats and our systems weren’t able to deliver live news streams, people’s lives could be negatively impacted beyond just looking at pay TV as an entertainment platform.

Historically, redundancy and high-availability solutions are often provided by different providers and enabled by distinct technologies, sometimes in ways that are not congruent with how the application needs to operate. In pay TV, companies such as Verimatrix have ensured revenue security through conditional access and DRM, while redundancy at the hardware and network level has been taken care of by specialist providers coming from the enterprise IT space.

But as video delivery and processing has migrated to common IP-based hardware and network components, high-availability and redundancy have become critical for all the key functions of service provision, including revenue security to protect not just the content , but through ensuring maximum uptime and disaster recovery that is transparent to subscribers.

Verimatrix, as the specialist provider of revenue security, has become expert in high-availability and redundancy to ensure our systems, and therefore the services that rely on them, are highly available. We have therefore built the highest levels of redundancy and high-availability into our VCAS platform and also developed the skills needed to engineer resilience into the system designs we offer to our customers.  

Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom had the forethought to ensure that this level of high-availability and disaster recovery was thought of from the very beginning of the project, and not as an afterthought. Yes, it costs more upfront to do this, but the team at Chunghwa wasn’t about to be pennywise and pound-foolish when it came to securing a major revenue stream for their business. From day one, they required that we work across their four data centers throughout the country to ensure that any type of disaster or disruption that might occur could seamlessly auto-recover or failover without any visible impact to the subscribers or their revenue.

This project not only provided Chunghwa Telecom with a fully redundant, high availability solution for their IPTV and OTT services, but also showcased the carrier-grade technologies developed by Verimatrix and Oracle, and the industry-leading capabilities of Verimatrix’s Global Services to design and deploy reliable systems outside of our core competencies and our core content security products.    

You can learn more details about this milestone geo-redundancy deployment by downloading the Chunghwa Telecom case study. And if you’re interested in learning how Verimatrix can design and deploy a geo-redundant disaster recovery program for your pay-TV networks, please contact your local Verimatrix salesperson.