Sep 13, 2016

Research suggests that 70% of operators are miscalculating the risks and benefits of an in-house DRM solution, ultimately abandoning their investment in favor of an outsourced DRM solution.

In an upcoming webinar, I will be joined by DRM experts Avni Rambhia, Industry Principal, Digital Transformation/ICT, Frost & Sullivan, and Jeroen Kok, Team Leader, Marketing, Divitel, to reveal the common misconceptions influencing DRM decision making and the best practices you can adopt to avoid making these same mistakes. 

Verimatrix has put together the infographic below to give you a sneak peek of the five aspects you must consider when determining the total cost of ownership of multi-DRM solutions. I encourage you to check it out and register today to join us for “DRM Is Not Free: The True Cost of DRM” on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7am PDT.

More information about the research presented during the webinar can be found in a recent white paper by Frost & Sullivan. Download it here.