Video delivery networks are complex and interdependent. Integration and deployment of middleware can be a complex effort that does not allow for easy upgrades once deployed in the field. This becomes particularly painful when operators want to take advantage of new functionality and security of the latest generation of VCAS™. The good news is that with VCAS 3.8, upgrades are significantly easier for operators.

Since 2011 Verimatrix has been focused on easing upgrade pain points, starting with the introduction of the Operator Management Interface (OMI) introduced in VCAS 3.0. The OMI provides a single point of integration for IPTV, DVB and Internet TV infrastructure – effectively reducing the potential required number of integrations from three to just one.

Depending on the operators’ business models and head-end deployments, there are several approaches to integrating with OMI that adds further complexity. In this VCAS 3.8 release we introduce the OMI Integration Guide to help operators and partners gain a better understanding of how they can integrate with OMI. This guide is designed to address common scenarios operators face with Verimatrix recommendations and best practices.

Verimatrix has gone one giant step further to simplify the VCAS upgrade process by completely removing the pressure upgrades place on middleware. Starting with VCAS Ultra™ (4.0), Verimatrix is introducing the ability to run OMI in a configuration that supports VCAS Ultra functionality and VCAS 3.8 integration within the same head-end. This allows the operator to upgrade the head-end to VCAS Ultra without requiring their middleware to be upgraded simultaneously. Operators are then free to upgrade their middleware at their convenience whenever they are ready to take advantage of the features introduced in VCAS Ultra.

Product releases are supported for a total of three years from the release date before they reach End-of-Life. With backward compatibility, VCAS Ultra will continue to support VCAS 3.8 (with VCAS 4.1 supporting VCAS 4.0 and VCAS 3.8, VCAS 4.2 supporting VCAS 4.1 and VCAS 4.0, etc.); the lifespan of a single middleware OMI integration could potentially stay unmodified for three releases and several years.

Operators integrated with VCAS 3.8 benefit from an empowered position from which to execute future middleware upgrades. Upgrade today to take advantage of the benefits of continued compatibility.