Feb 15, 2018

It is anticipated that our VideoMark forensic watermarking toolset will be highly successful in protecting premium value UHD content from threats of illegal redistribution, and now the Live Profile version is ready to provide the same level of protection for live sporting events. Such events are increasingly broadcasted in UHD format and present highly attractive targets for pirates, not least because the window of opportunity for countermeasures is very short.

The value of premium live sports is bound up in the moment and decays very rapidly as the event takes place, making retrospective action against pirates of limited value. It is not sufficient just to detect and prosecute pirates because business damage has already been done. Therefore the only recourse is to snuff out illicit streams at the source, almost as quickly as they begin to be transmitted over the Internet.

UHD ups the ante because the content is more valuable and the scope for restreaming is increased with greater potential for camcording at high quality. An even greater threat is through direct capture of video sent over a non-compliant HDMI implementation.

We launched the VideoMark Live Profile at IBC 2015 and since then have enhanced the product so that it is even more effective against live stream piracy. The marks inserted are still transparent to the viewer but are more visible and faster to extract, which means that we can respond as soon as illegitimate streams are detected, shutting them down before any significant loss of revenue has occurred.

We have also appreciated that while watermarking is a very powerful and essential tool for combating illicit content redistribution, it is only part of the overall solution. Equally important is the ability to identify when illicit streaming is occurring in the first place.

To provide an even stronger anti-piracy platform, we announced a new partnership with Friend MTS at CABSAT 2016 in Dubai. Friend MTS provides platform, channel and content protection services and is a global leader in advanced monitoring for unauthorized streaming with the capacity to span the whole Internet. Our collaboration means that VideoMark can be combined with three key Friend MTS services, Linear iD, Studio and Viper, which apply powerful content discovery, advanced network forensics, video capture technologies and high-precision fingerprint content recognition to identify the source of unauthorized streams within a few minutes.

Linear iD provides continual round-the-clock monitoring for live streaming of premium TV services, while Studio provides similar surveillance for VOD content. Viper, Friend MTS’ latest service also unveiled at CABSAT, extends this capability to address the illicit pirate services themselves, including illegal IPTV platforms. These services automate the forensic investigation process and combine well with VideoMark to enable real time identification of specific content streams through their watermarks.

Crucially, our VideoMark portfolio is now complete and enables comprehensive traceability not only for UHD live sports, but just about all conceivable content types and threat models. The degree and nature of the protection can be tuned along an axis of threats and services. In the case of movies, it is essential that the mark is absolutely imperceptible, while in the case of premium live sports the most important characteristic is that the mark is easily extractable.

This flexibility and range sets VideoMark apart from many other available watermarking solutions, which often require different toolsets to be combined to cover the whole threat landscape, increasing their complexity and compromising their effectiveness.

VideoMark is one of the solutions Verimatrix will be demonstrating to illustrate the evolution of multi-network revenue security next month at NAB 2016. Visit our team at booth #SU2806 or schedule a meeting here.