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August 25, 2014

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Empowering the Connected Operator

{To bring you more information on the latest executive e-book the “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, Part II: Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future,” we are featuring guest blog posts from the contributing authors. Tom Weiss from Genius Digital contributed this post - for his bio, see the About page.}

If you’re reading this, you probably read a lot about the TV industry. The Internet is now awash with content, and the articles that get the most coverage are the controversial ones that talk about cord-cutting, or the threat from Google, or how TV is going to die within the next five years. 

However, these articles are out of tune with the priorities of operators that are typically focused on managing content costs, improving subscriber retention, and incrementally increasing ARPU.  You might read something and think “that’s interesting” or “I didn’t know that before,” but learning new things doesn’t in itself help you improve your TV service. 

Let’s take a recent case in point. An announcement from Netflix demonstrated that they have more UK subscribers than BT’s IPTV service. Does that mean BT is going to go out of business? Not in my lifetime, but it’s a great story. How should BT react to it? That’s another question. 

At Genius Digital, we focus on taking data and creating actions from it: BT isn’t going to call in the receivers, but they are probably missing a commercial opportunity in launching a Netflix-like service for their subscribers. TV operators don’t need more data to improve their services: the need actions that will affect their KPIs. 

It is actions, not data, that make the difference. This e-book—that we’re proud to have worked on together with our partners Verimatrix, Akamai, Elemental, TiVo, and VisualOn—is focused on actions that operators can take that will directly hit their bottom lines: increasing subscriber satisfaction and raising ARPU. 

Download your copy of “Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator, Part II: Progressive IP and Software-based Ecosystems Deliver the Future” for further insights. And follow Tom and Genius Digital on Twitter to join the conversation. You can also read more from Tom on the Genius Digital site#swempowered