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March 21, 2014

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Heralding the Rise of the Software-Empowered Video Operator

As the end of the first quarter of 2014 rapidly approaches, it is clear that the video services industry is in a state of transition.  The past several months have witnessed a shift towards IP technologies, with networks and other infrastructure components moving away from a hardware-defined value proposition to one that is more software-centric and adaptable. This shift opens up a realm of possibilities for more dynamic presentation, discovery and real-time usage feedback.

As a result of this shift, service providers adopting a software-empowered model are able to better contain network costs while increasing security, operational efficiencies, and enabling flexible business models that can address the expanding range of consumer viewing experiences—anytime, anywhere.  Simply put, operators are able to create significant differentiation from their competitors to achieve market longevity.

Moving forward with the software-empowered video operator model, however, definitely requires a new vision of revenue security that is a substantial leap forward from most of the current offerings. The new generation of software-based, IP-centric security solutions, where control and integrity can be managed at the point of service origin, are especially well aligned with the vision of a more dynamic, flexible and extensible value proposition that will drive the new marketplace.

In our new e-book entitled “The Rise of the Software-empowered Video Operator,” we explore these new requirements as well as:

  • How current industry trends are fueling this IP transition, such as software-defined networks (SDNs), IP-based head-ends and cardless security
  • How past technological shifts to software have restructured the communications industry and the impact on today’s digital video delivery
  • Important implications and operator advantages in the software-empowered video operator model
  • Updated vision of revenue security that include key elements that address virtualization and UHD/4K requirements

Please feel free to download the full e-book at You may also be interested in Steve Christian’s recent keynote presentation at Cable Congress on this same topic. That presentation can be accessed here.

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