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January 13, 2014

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IP Convergence Grows Up: Pay-TV Revisited?

Back in 2008, I wrote an article with the provocative title “IPTV is dead, long live IPTV” where we made the case that that no one would be talking about IPTV in five years - in what was then the crystal ball territory beyond 2013. We believed that all video delivery systems will simply be referred to as digital TV, and IP will underpin almost every aspect, regardless if it is a telco TV network or a hybrid satellite/broadband combination.

We can’t claim that we got everything right at that stage. The debate over technology naming and relevance still seems fierce sometimes, e.g. What is pay-TV vs. subscription OTT? Is “digital” just a property of Internet delivery or applicable to all of today’s video distribution?

Yet it seems the basic premise of the article has proven accurate; IP technology dominates all aspects of the discussion of TV services today. And we are seeing that the pay-TV industry is well advanced on integrating IP into both consumer facing and back office aspects of their product offerings. As we proposed, IP technology has proved its relevance to both the technical underpinnings delivering video and the expanding consumer experience. And, in no small way, it’s proven extremely relevant to our security segment that underpins the business of pay-TV.

Take our award-winning VCAS for Internet TV and VCAS for DASH revenue security solutions as a case in point. The vast majority of these are pay-TV operators (cable, satellite and IPTV) that have extended their service reach across the Internet to both new screen types and, in many cases, a larger customer base. The rate of increase in protected screens using these solutions is particularly dramatic – nearly doubling in 2013 - as the services introduced pick up momentum.

A few things are particularly striking as the influence of IP matures into the mainstream business of TV services:

Our product development priorities are of course reflective of how service providers are adding Internet TV to their architecture and overall business model. For example our latest VCAS solution release now features Offline Viewing of VoD content for unconnected consumption on airplanes etc., as well as the pay-TV grade Output Protection and Copy Control management required for premium content services. For more information, download the latest VCAS for Internet TV Overview

Although the road to get to this point was full of twist and turns, we feel that our premier position in the security of connected devices reflects our long held beliefs in how this market has matured. We continue to believe that operators will continue their journey towards IP-based networks, which increasingly involves a shift away from platforms and hardware to products and software. Again we say - Long live IPTV!

And we just may have a new prediction around the concept of a software-defined operator, or what we like to call the “software-empowered operator.” 

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