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January 18, 2014

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How the Cloud is Powering the Evolution to Multi-screen Video Services - Guest post

A prediction I made during a conference in Singapore last year was that the days of pay TV services as we know it – i.e. Cable/ DTH/ IPTV- will fast disappear. These businesses identified with their respective modes of distribution techniques will likely become redundant over the next 10 years. Video services will evolve dramatically. And technology will be the catalyst, not the differentiator for the service value proposition.

Also at that conference, the CEO of a cable TV operator concurred openly, even though today his company distributes only cable TV services. He believes there could come a time when to reach out to the maximum number of subscribers, they could well leverage broadband, IPTV or any other mode that can help them achieve their objective.

Evidently such technology transitions in the pay TV market are happening rapidly today; as it has become essential for broadcasters as well as service operators to ensure video distribution over multiple networks and to multiple devices to their consumers.

Operators need to transport securely authenticated content across devices, over any media. This can be successfully done by leveraging the cloud. The cloud is not just about collaborative workflows, it can empower a content distributor to run its services seamlessly, monitor and analyze its viewership, ensure higher engagement with the viewer and of course, facilitate easy billing practices in a platform-agnostic manner.

India, which otherwise lies to the south of the digital divide, is equally consumed by the multi-screen phenomenon as viewers fervently seek their videos on several devices apart from the TV. While this is great in terms of opportunity sizing, operators struggle with technical, business and regulatory challenges to capitalize on this trend.

The usual questions operators face include:
How much time would it take to build your cloud-based hybrid network? How much would this cost? Can ROIs be recovered quickly? What’s the added value for consumers?"

Join me at the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at Convergence India to discuss these along with G.D. Singh of DigiVive, Arivan Govindan of RGB Networks and Steve Christian of Verimatrix to get a magnified perspective on the topics above.  This will be a highly interactive session, so please bring the questions you'd like answered from this expert panel.