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June 20, 2013

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Hybrid Network Insights from ANGA COM: Video interviews from the Forum


The Multi-network Forum at ANGA 2013 prompted some great debate on the latest hybrid network strategies that are happening in Europe and beyond.

The two pay-TV operators on the panel - Daniel Hesselbarth of Unitymedia and Eric Meijer from Ziggo - presented completely different approaches to bringing multi-screen video to subscribers in their respective markets. Unitymedia is deploying a gateway-based approach with its Horizon box in Germany, while Ziggo has opted for a cloud-based rollout in the Netherlands.  Both services have proved successful, which underscores the myriad of choices for operators as they plan their expansion of video services to support multi-screen.

But as moderator Julian Clover of Broadband TV News pointed out, the services that are ultimately delivered to the various devices are much the same from the consumer’s point of view.

Carl Walter Holst of Appear TV reminded the audience that Europe itself is a very fragmented market with widely varying ARPUs and cultural preferences. Bandwidth issues and adaptive bitrate standards – although making progress – still represent major challenges that need to be overcome in order for operators to maintain a high quality of experience for subscribers.

The Forum also prompted discussion around security considerations for public broadcasters and Free-to-Air operators. FTA does not necessarily mean permission to rebroadcast or redistribute at will. These operators have a requirement to deliver content only to authorized recipients and within a certain geographic footprint where they have distribution rights. Modern security solutions offer a cost-effective approach to provide a baseline level of security today, while also keeping security upgrade options open in the future.

For more insights on hybrid network approaches, you can watch brief interviews with the panelists from the Multi-network Forum discussion on our YouTube channel.

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