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October 20, 2009

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Myths about mobile TV

At the recent Television 3.0 conference in Los Angeles, I was pleased to find some fresh and interesting perspectives on mobile TV from execs at CBS Interactive and their mobile TV partner Transpera.

They set out to dispel some commonly held “truths” regarding behavior on consuming mobile TV based on current research.  For me, it added up to the fact that people are using mobile devices to extend their normal viewing habits, around and outside the home.

With the advanced user interface and intelligence of latest generation smart phones, consumers are quite happy to watch full length sitcoms and even movies. Low-quality YouTube clips and mobisodes are not the killer apps that were previously envisioned for mobile TV.

As mobile TV becomes more mainstream, it is important for the content owners and services providers to create the right mix of usage rights and protection on higher value content. As we all know, getting the right balance of protecting assets and meeting customer expectations can be precarious.

I was happy there was at least one bright spot in a rather underwhelming conference . . .