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October 16, 2009

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An Alternate Reality?

Seems that I wasn't persuasive enough in my discussions at IBC 2009 with Ben Schwarz at VideoNet where we talked about extending pay-TV models into Internet delivery. Overall, I'm happy to be described as living in an alternate reality where sites like today's Hulu do not represent the entire future of video services. I hope that I can offer a view about broad choices in video entertainment sources and business approaches, even where these contrast with the fashionable view of the future where everything will be "free".   An alternate reality like this might well be considered alongside  those of recent times in which house prices don't go on rising without limit, Iraq had no hidden nerve gas or nuclear weapons and revenue-free Internet companies were unworthy of billion dollar IPOs. What would a content security company be doing if it did not help its customers extend their businesses and find ways to monetize OTT? Follow the herd, avoid the issue and jump into the middleware quagmire? I am happy to continue this relevant industry discussion.