Industry accolade underscores Counterspy’s unique combination of cybersecurity and anti-piracy technologies for the streaming industry 

Verimatrix Counterspy, the most advanced anti-piracy technology seen in the past decade, was recently honored with a gold 2024 Globee Award for Disruptors. Celebrating the trailblazers and pioneers who are reshaping industries and challenging the status quo, the Globee Awards for Disruptors honor groundbreaking products and services to cutting-edge technologies, visionary leadership, innovative marketing strategies, and game-changing startups.

The award program, now in its fourth year, recognizes those at the forefront of disruption who are committed to driving change, fostering innovation and shaping the future of their respective industries. Leveraging innovative cybersecurity technologies to uniquely address the specific content protection needs of the streaming media industry, Counterspy thwarts today’s rising video piracy by monitoring, detecting and shutting down criminals in real-time via the power of machine learning (ML). 

Verimatrix Counterspy offers the media and entertainment (M&E) industry one of the first anti-piracy solutions that combines deep cybersecurity capabilities with video-specific piracy prevention tools. This recent recognition further highlights why Verimatrix Counterspy stands out as the most powerful tool for streaming operators looking to gain the upper hand against today’s clever video pirates. Verimatrix Counterspy levels the playing field in the ongoing fight to protect revenues while still ensuring an excellent user experience across numerous device types.

Filling the gap in authentication created by the shift from operator-controlled set top box hardware to retail or app-based OTT clients, Verimatrix Counterspy makes it possible for operators to confidently distribute today’s valuable content. It authenticates each app instance and ties it to a specific subscriber, ensuring transparency and control over access. By safeguarding the authentication token from theft or manipulation, Counterspy prevents abuse and ensures legitimate access to content, going far above and beyond traditional DRM vendors.

Counterspy is part of the Verimatrix Streamkeeper suite of security solutions and can be flexibly deployed alongside other Verimatrix technologies, including Multi-DRM and Watermarking. Operators can schedule a demo by clicking here.  Additionally, an eBook titled, “Securing the Streaming Seas: Verimatrix Counterspy’s Superior Defense Against Piracy In a World Dominated by Video Apps,” is available for download here.