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VMX 07-1201: VCAS for DVB Broadcast Training

OverviewProvides detailed and functional understanding of the VCAS for DVB solution. This class addresses the challenges for DVB broadcast networks. Students will be able to install, configure, operate, troubleshoot, and monitor all components of a VCAS for DVB solution.
After completing the theoretical part of the course online, a hands-on session will establish practical knowledge for everyday use. After completing the hands-on session, students can take the certification test to become a Verimatrix Certified Engineer.
Target AudienceSystems Engineers, Network Engineers, Sales Engineers, Systems Integrators
LocationOnline, self-paced
Duration12-to-16 hours
PrerequisitesVMX 07-1001 – VCAS Platform Course

Course Outline

  • Introduction to VCAS for DVB
    • Overview of DVB Ecosystem
    • Role of VCAS For DVB
  • System architecture
  • ViewRight clients
  • System installation
  • System configuration
    • Configuring BCSM with Multiplexer and SI Server components
    • Initialization of the Encryption Engine
    • Configuring Services and Packages
    • Configuring Entitlements
    • Testing Decryption
  • Redundancy and scalability
  • Troubleshooting
    • VCAS For DVB server log files and monitoring
    • Basic Linux Troubleshooting

For training costs and attendance options, together with terms and conditions, please contact a Verimatrix sales representative or make an online enquiry.

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