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VMX 07-1101: VCAS for IPTV/Hybrid Training

OverviewProvides detailed and functional understanding of the VCAS for IPTV / Hybrid solution. This class addresses the challenges of IPTV and Hybrid networks. Students will be able to install, configure, operate, troubleshoot, and monitor all components of a VCAS for IPTV / Hybrid security solution. The course covers day-to-day operational tasks such as VOD and broadcast encryption, configuring entitlement integration, and troubleshooting within the IPTV ecosystem.
After completing the theoretical part of this course online, a hands-on session will establish practical knowledge for everyday use. After completing the hands-on session, students can take the certification test to become a Verimatrix Certified Engineer.
Target AudienceSystems Engineers, Network Engineers, Sales Engineers, Systems Integrators
LocationOnline, self-paced
Duration12-to-16 hours
PrerequisitesVMX 07-1001 – VCAS Platform Course

Course Outline

  • VCAS for IPTV / Hybrid Application Overview
    • IPTV with RTES
    • IPTV MultiCAS with VECMG
    • Hybrid IPTV/DVB with VECMG
  • System Architecture
    • Server roles
    • Common modules
    • Application specific modules
  • ViewRight clients
  • Understanding encryption
    • Channel keys / control words
    • STB boot process
    • X.509 certificates
  • VCAS licensing
  • Software distribution and versioning
  • System installation
    • Kickstart DVD
    • VCAS software
    • VCAS certificates
    • VCAS license
  • System Configuration
    • INI files
    • Graphical user interface
    • ViewRight clients
  • System operation
    • Start / stop system
    • Iptables firewall
    • SNMP network management
    • System backup
  • Scalability and redundancy
    • Network design
    • Building an IPTV/Hybrid network
  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting tools
    • Common troubleshooting scenarios
    • Log files
    • Customer care solutions site

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