Revenue Security for
Multi-format Video Services


ViewRight Web for Android OS

The ViewRight Web client supports variants of the popular Google Android OS for smart phones and tablets, as well as connected/smart TVs and STBs, enabling secure delivery of ABR services to devices running applications integrating this library. In a similar manner to the solution for iOS, ViewRight Web for Android provides complementary device authentication and entitlement verification functions to support to third-party player technology implementing the ABR protocols.

Verimatrix has partnered with the major Android video player providers not only to ensure compatibility of player integrations and deployments, but also to verify that the players fulfill the Verimatrix security requirements for HLS/DASH on Android. ViewRight Web for Android is currently available for off-the-shelf CE devices equipped with media players from Nextstreaming, NXP Software, and VisualOn.

Product Features

  • Proven Verimatrix ViewRight-VCAS security and authentication
  • Secure delivery of keys based on VCAS server entitlements checking
  • Ready for integration with a third-party player
  • No modification to the underlying device architecture
  • Can be adapted to any Android OS flavor
  • The supported hardware architectures include ARM and Intel x86