The Standard in Revenue Security
for Managed Network Telco TV

The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.


ViewRight STB for IPTV

Advanced Content Security for IP Set-top Boxes

The Verimatrix ViewRight STB client library is a system of security hardened real-time code that runs in authorized clients of a digital TV deployment. The ViewRight code is designed to require only a minimum of resources from the client device hardware and run-time environment, and it offers a standardized set of interfaces to the middleware running in the device. It offers support for best of breed revenue security functions in a hardened implementation that incorporates signing, multiple levels of integrity checking, debugger detection, key obfuscation, and intrinsic renewability.

ViewRight STB, which is also used for IP-enabled TVs in managed networks, has been architected to be highly portable to different hardware architectures and run-time environments. As a cardless security solution, ViewRight STB utilizes built-in security functions of increasingly sophisticated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) devices at the heart of modern STB designs.

For managed Broadcast-Hybrid deployments, ViewRight STB also offers interfaces to the DVB Transport and DVB-CSA or AES HW descrambler subsystems in secure SoC designs. Part of the function supported in this hardware is filtering EMMs and ECMs from the incoming transport stream related to the video services. After ECMs are decrypted using other key information, the Control Words (CW, or descrambling keys) are used to program the descrambler hardware for the specific service being viewed. For use with personalized (secure) SoC devices, the CWs may be scrambled in a device unique manner. This ensures complete control word protection.

Integrated DVR Features

ViewRight STB incorporates a seamless approach for digital video recorder (DVR) functionality, using local hard disk storage or a network DVR (nDVR) approach within the pay-TV head-end. ViewRight DVR functions enhance the security perimeter of the pay-TV system since VCAS is architected to directly enable recording and replay of broadcast streams without translation or re-encryption. By leverage of key management in the VCAS Content Security Manager (CSM), DVR and nDVR functions are supported in a flexible and cost-effective manner. VCAS enables implementation of any possible business rules while satisfying all DVR content security requirements.

User-specific Video Watermarking

ViewRight STB interfaces tightly with the Verimatrix VideoMark™ - the industry’s first secure and invisible content tracking solution that enables forensic, user-specific marking of video at each client device in a pay-TV system. The VideoMark payload is robust against a wide range of video content manipulations, with recovery of the unique client identification possible from all unauthorized analog and digital distribution formats. Because any pirated copies can be traced to a unique user, and not just a system operator, content owners are assured of protection that extends beyond the digital network. VideoMark also complies with the rigorous requirements of the Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI).

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS:   Linux, Nucleus, OS21, VxWorks, Windows CE, etc.
  • Chipsets:   Intel, Broadcom, Trident, Sigma, ST, TI, etc.
  • Secure features use:   Exploits available SOC secure resources and functions
  • STBs:   Integrated into around 200 models
  • Memory footprint:   Approx. 500KB code, plus SSL support if not present
  • Content encryption:   128-bit AES; DVB-CSA if supported by STB
  • Hardware decryption:   Built-in support for on-chip hardware descramblers
  • Broadcast support:   Single Program and Multi Program MPEG-2 Transport Streams, including IP multicast support
  • VOD support:   MPEG-2 Transport Stream with “trick play” support
  • Clone detection:   Various patent pending technologies
  • Middleware support:   Wide choice of pre-integrated middleware products