The Standard in Revenue Security
for Managed Network Telco TV

The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.


ViewRight Professional

Bulk Decryption of IP Encapsulated MPEG-2 Transport Streams

The Verimatrix ViewRight Professional client is a robust package of portable embedded code that implements the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) security functions within Professional Receiver equipment (a.k.a. Integrated Receiver Decoders or IRDs) in a pay-TV system. ViewRight Professional functionality is integrated in a number of partner hardware offerings to provide a complete solution for IP broadcast redistribution or monitoring.

A ViewRight Professional enabled receiver is a multi-channel capable decryption appliance operating on VCAS encrypted Multicast IP streams. It is provisioned and authenticated as a special class of ViewRight client device to a (wholesale) VCAS system. Decrypted content, subject to receiver entitlements is output to a downstream redistribution or monitoring system in IP or analog video format. ViewRight Professional operates without the need for smart cards or DVB Common Interface hardware, and with a capacity of up to 100 simultaneous channels per receiver.

ViewRight Professional is a key enabler in two main areas of operational deployment: enhancing the flexibility offered by the Verimatrix IPTV Wholesale/Retail architecture, and enabling automated monitoring in IP head-end deployments.

Suitable hardware platforms supporting ViewRight Professional are currently available from specialist partners AppearTV, Harmonic and IDC. These platforms combine a high performance descrambler module, a fully hardened implementation of ViewRight client security functionality, SNMP monitoring and remote management. Dependent on vendor, configurations offer a variety of input and output formats and support descrambling of streams that are protected by AES-128 (both ECB and CBC modes) and DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm (DVB-CSA) standard implementations.

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS:   Linux
  • Hardware Platforms:   AppearTV SC2000/2100, Harmonic Pro-Stream, IDC
  • Decryption capacity:   Approx. 100 channels per device
  • Scrambling algorithms:   128-bit AES, DVB-CSA if supported by IRD hardware
  • Broadcast support:   Single Program and Multi Program MPEG-2 Transport Streams, including IP multicast support
  • Output:   Content-in-the-clear, as multicast IP or analog signal
  • Network management:   SNMP and vendor specific
  • Hardware format:   1RU and up, depending on configuration