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The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.


Real Time Encryption Server

Flexible Stream Encryption for IPTV Broadcast Services

The Verimatrix Real Time Encryption Server (RTES) is an optional component of the Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for IPTV, which performs all necessary stream formatting and video encryption for multi-channel broadcast support within IPTV deployments. In conjunction with the Verimatrix Content Security Manager™ (CSM), which generates and distributes the necessary keys, RTES performs real-time encryption of multicast IP transport streams containing compressed video in an MPEG-2 Transport Stream format, preserving the input bandwidth profile to ensure consistent provisioning. Key and management information is inserted within each stream in entitlement control messages (ECMs), which are extracted and used by the ViewRight® STB clients to obtain the appropriate decryption keys.

The ECM mechanism and format enables the transport of critical information beyond content encryption keys. It supports extended in-band data with asset-by-asset and channel-by-channel control, with the data secured through ECM encryption, thus ensuring safe passage of external business rules to client devices. Some of the features supported are:

  • Odd/Even key pairs for content encryption
  • VOD and broadcast content rating/parental control info
  • VideoMark control, by channel or by VOD asset
  • Copy control flags: Macrovision, CGMS-A, HDCP, etc.
  • Multiple Operator IDs

The format enables future expansion of options.

RTES offers clustered operation to scale from one to hundreds of simultaneous channels, with automatic failover support to ensure continuity of service.

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5
  • GUI: Java based
  • Stream format: IP-encapsulated MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • Content encryption: 128-bit AES
  • Key mutation rate: Operator selectable per stream, up to 2/sec
  • Stream encryption: Operator selectable from 1-100%
  • Capacity: 50-100 channels per server, dependent on server HW
  • “Trick-play”/DVR indexing support: I-frame detection/protection for DVR/nDVR ready streams
  • Network Management: SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • Scalability/Redundancy: Single machine or distributed load balanced cluster, auto-failover support