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Operator Management Interface

Single Security Authority for Multi-Screen Entitlement Management

The Verimatrix Operator Management Interface (OMI) is a core component of the multi-network Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) platform. It provides a unified and consistent head-end interface for VCAS operational management and sub-system integration. Web service interfaces from the OMI enable both process-to-process communication for content workflow, device and entitlement management, as well as supporting functions for third-party customer care, billing and middleware systems.

As an extension of previously supported Push interface models, OMI enables VCAS domain-based abstractions for multi-screen digital TV services by providing homogenous subscriber and rights management for heterogeneous networks and devices including IPTV, DVB, Internet TV/OTT and hybrid combinations.

OMI acts as a “smart” adapter or translator between the operator's back-end Operations Management Systems (OMS) and VCAS, e.g. subscriber management systems (SMS), middleware servers and pre-paid voucher authorization systems. It furthermore manages diversity and multiplicity of VCAS and third-party DRMs systems, each specific to the type of delivery network and devices, while providing the same interface to the OMS. OMS-provided information, such as channel setup and entitlement data, are translated and formatted into objects based on the format required by each VCAS/DRM server.

OMI implements the OMS interface through a collection of web services using consistent and logical SOAP mechanisms:

  • Administration Management Service
  • Content Management Service
  • Device Management Service
  • Domain Management Service
  • Entitlement Management Service
  • Messaging Service
  • Configuration Management Service
  • Reporting Service

The security model enables the creation of a variety of profiled roles that can support and restrict the use of the OMI services from each connected OMS sub-system. A role can be assumed by a system operator interacting with the OMI through its GUI, or a third-party system interacting with the OMI through its machine-to-machine interface.

OMI uses a Push operational model, which optimizes performance and response times. VCAS provides an abstract and anonymous storage cache for OMS data on domains, devices, content, and entitlement information. This database is maintained in a form optimized to support efficient queries, while also synchronizing the cache with notifications of updates to the OMS data. Entitlement checks generally do not require real-time communication to an external OMS, thus optimizing performance.

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5
  • Database:   Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition
  • OMI Interface:   Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), in Push mode, implementing eight categories of web services
  • Key Management Support:   VCAS for IPTV incl. Broadcast-Hybrid, VCAS for DVB (one-way) and DVB-Hybrid, VCAS for Internet TV/OTT, Microsoft PlayReady DRM
  • Security Model:   Profiled service and data access supporting various classes of operator and machine-to-machine access
  • GUI:   Administration and utility functions through modular Java-based console component
  • Audit Logging:   Comprehensive and secure