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The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.



High Performance Broadcast Encryption for IPTV

Verimatrix MultiCAS/IP is a key option within the Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) that integrates third-party IPTV head-end scrambler equipment with robust and proven Verimatrix key management techniques.

MultiCAS/IP implements the DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) Simulcrypt standard to enable VCAS-compatible encryption of multicast streams in an IPTV system. Integration of MultiCAS with commercial multiplexer and IP streamer equipment enables Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) scrambling of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 multicast IP encapsulated content at high data rates across multiple service streams.

MultiCAS/IP interfaces directly with third-party DVB Simulcrypt-compatible video, audio and data multiplexers/streamers, which perform the content encryption. MultiCAS/IP generates VCAS-formatted entitlement control message (ECM) packets for insertion in the MPEG-2 transport stream to support client service decryption. The timing of key change intervals and other service parameters are managed directly through the multiplexer interface.

Another feature is the capability to carry information beyond content encryption keys. The ECM format supports extended in-band data with asset-by-asset and channel-by-channel control, with the data secured through ECM encryption, thus ensuring safe passage of external business rules to client devices. Some of the features supported are:

  • Odd/Even key pairs for content encryption
  • VOD and broadcast content rating/parental control info
  • VideoMark control, by channel or by VOD asset
  • Copy control flags: Macrovision, CGMS-A, HDCP, etc.
  • Multiple Operator IDs

The format enables future expansion of options.

MultiCAS/IP offers a high performance hardware alternative to the Verimatrix Real Time Encryption Server (RTES) for broadcast content encryption when used in conjunction with third-party head-end scrambling equipment. In addition to the benefit of DVB Simulcrypt support, a MultiCAS-based configuration may provide additional choices in overall rack space usage, equipment redundancy and system management when configuring an IPTV head-end.

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5
  • Head-end interfaces:   DVB Simulcrypt: ETSI TS 103 197, ECMG and EMMG (v2, v3)
  • Key mutation rate:   User selectable per stream, up to 2/sec
  • Content encryption:   128-bit AES, others as supported by Multiplexer
  • Capacity:   1024 channels per multiplexer/streamer, subject to Mux model and key mutation rate
  • Network management:   SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • Equipment compatibility:   AppearTV, Arris, Cisco, Ericsson, Harmonic, Thomson and others