The Standard in Revenue Security
for Managed Network Telco TV

The VCAS for IPTV security solution is the number one choice for managed network Telco TV deployments around the globe.



Unified Content Security for Hybrid Networks

Verimatrix MultiCAS/DVB is a key option within the Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for IPTV that integrates high performance third-party pay-TV head-end scrambler equipment with robust Verimatrix software-based content security. MultiCAS uses standardized DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) Simulcrypt to enable VCAS-compatible scrambling of broadcast content concurrent with existing, traditional conditional access systems.

MultiCAS/DVB enables the creation of a unified content security system that can be used with a hybrid DVB-C/DVB-S/DVB-T broadcast and a VCAS-secured IPTV network. This hybrid network configuration enables operators to reap the benefits of low-cost, software-based security in their set-top boxes (STBs). In addition, the hybrid approach allows broadcast services to be augmented with compelling video-on-demand (VOD) offerings employing the same robust content security. A key benefit for pay-TV operators is the ability to transition their existing subscribers to a more advanced security system supporting higher value services without disrupting existing revenue streams.

MultiCAS/DVB interfaces directly with third-party DVB Simulcrypt-compatible video, audio and data multiplexers, which perform the content encryption. MultiCAS/DVB generates VCAS-formatted entitlement control message (ECM) packets for insertion in the MPEG-2 Transport Stream to support client service descrambling. The timing of key change intervals and other service parameters are managed directly through the multiplexer interface.

MultiCAS/DVB also supports the EMMG interface, which is used for certain user- and device messaging. EMM formatted messages do not replace the secure client-server transactions for IPTV and Hybrid network key management, but provide valuable additional functions to securely manage client data and status. EMM formatted messages are addressable to an individual client, arbitrary groups of clients, and globally. Examples:

  • Addressable on-screen display (OSD) user messaging
  • Addressable OSD fingerprinting and diagnostics
  • Immediate entitlement refresh and immediate STB disable

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Product Features:

  • Platform OS:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5
  • Head-end interfaces:   DVB Simulcrypt: ETSI TS 103 197, ECMG and EMMG (v2, v3)
  • Key mutation rate:   User selectable per stream, up to 2/sec
  • Content scrambling:   Performed by third-party scrambler, typically using 64-bit DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm (DVB-CSA)
  • Capacity:   1024 channels per multiplexer, subject to Mux model and key mutation rate
  • Network Management:   SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • DVB Multiplexer compatibility:   AppearTV, Arris, Cisco, Ericsson, Harmonic, Thomson and others