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ABOX42 offers a complete and sophisticated platform which consists of five major parts: Smart STBs (latest generation IPTV & OTT Set Top Boxes), Smart SDK (Software Development Kit), Smart RCU plus Mobile Toolkit (for Smartphone usecases), Smart SaaS (lifecycle management) and Smart Solutions (features and compatibility modules).  ABOX42 has extensive expertise and knowledge of managing operator as well as end-user mass-market products.


ADB offers three product lines: digital TV consumer premise devices, interactive applications and systems and integrated digital TV (IDTV) modules. ADB sells its consumer premise devices to digital cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications operators as well as to distributors and consumer electronics companies.


AirTies was formed in Feb 2004 by a management and technical team from USA Silicon Valley, with the strategic intent to become the leader in EMEA. AirTies develops and markets wireless quad play products (high speed internet access/ADSL, Wireless LANs, internet based telephony/VoIP, WiFi phones and internet based television/IPTV) for service providers, small businesses and consumers in EMEA. 

Albis Technologies

Albis Technologies is a pioneer in H.264 IPTV set-top box, plus has a strong foundation and deep knowledge in the end-to-end aspects of IPTV solutions. Today the latest generation of STB addresses enhanced requirements for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery and user experience expectation. Visit our website for more details.

Alpha Networks

ALPHA NETWORKS is an innovative leading company, specialized in software that enables service providers, media companies and telecom operators to offer Pay-TV content. ALPHA NETWORKS’ product is device agnostic and supports multiple payment methods. Providing a comprehensive CMS/CRM backend, allowing an out-of-the-box integration with video infrastructure and metadata providers, ALPHA NETWORKS enables swift integration with legacy systems. 


Amino Communications develops core software technologies and customer-premises products for the IPTV market, and partners with world-leading companies in content aggregation, middleware, conditional access, and head-end systems.

Arion Technology

ARION Technology Inc. is a leading STB manufacturer in Korea. Since established in 1999, ARION has been providing various set-top boxes such as  DVB, PVR, IPTV, Hybrid & OTT Solutions to the leading paytv operators and telco companies in more than 30 countries. ARION is listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ) and headquartered in Korea.

Atlanta DTH Inc.

Atlanta DTH, Inc. ("ADTH") is a leading supplier of set-top boxes to TV stations, distance learning educators, and non-profit organizations. ADTH's STB lineup includes satellite, cable, and terrestrial. Its IPTV box would be available in late 2007. ADTH has offices in Atlanta, LA, London, Sydney and Sao Paulo.


BOCS provides a full entertainment-on-demand portal solution over common DSL connections enabling Movies, Music, Shopping, and Entertainment direct to every TV in the home.


Celrun Co., Ltd. (Kospi:013240) is a diversified IP set top box manufacturer that develops IPTV set top solutions for a wide range of customers. Since its inception in 1999, the company has been a dominant player in Asia and will continue to strive to be the world market leader currently expanding it's field to VoD service and DMB equipment manufacturing. Celrun Co., Ltd. formerly Tcom&dtvro Co., Ltd. is located in Seoul, South Korea.


CIMA integrates Western management and Silicon Valley innovation with low cost R&D and manufacturing to bring to the market cost effective and quality STB products. Their knowledge, expertise and technical support help their customers and partners successfully integrate the CIMA product.


Cisco, (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco offers market leading end-to-end infrastructure and software solutions to broadcasters, teleco’s, satellite, internet and cable service providers for Digital TV, IPTV, VOD, content management, Multiscreen video delivery, connected home and advanced advertising.